Empire In Ruins - out now!

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Empire In Ruins was released on 23th of November 2011. The track list is as follows:

  1. Before The Storm
  2. On The ides of March
  3. A New Chapter
  4. Lex Titia
  5. Endless Shades Of Pain
  6. Eastbound
  7. King Of Kings
  8. The Alliance (available on YouTube)
  9. Battle of Actium
  10. Deceptive Dreams (available on YouTube)
  11. The Haunting (available on YouTube)
  12. End Of Days
  13. Immortal (available on YouTube)
  14. Battle Of Actium - Radio Edit (available on YouTube)


All graphical arrangements for this album were made and designed by Joana Dias. The story behind the songs is set around the time of Roman Republic and its demise. Every song tells a different part of the story which develops throughout the whole album. Listen to the intertwined fates of Julius Caesar, Gaius Octavian, Cleopatra, Mark Antony and other historical figures as you go along. Next to the lyrics in the booklet, you will also be able to find historical descriptions behind each and every song.

The drums, bass lines and keys were recorded in RSL studio in Novo Mesto, Slovenia. Guitars, lead vocals and back vocals were recorded in Kif-Kif studios in Ljubljana, Slovenia. We thank our vocal producer Žare Pak for vocal/back vocal arrangements and Teja Saksida for recording the back vocal lines on this album. Mixing and mastering were done in Twilight Hall Studios by Thomas Geiger and Charlie Bauerfiend.